An Ornament or Two

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Due Time.”

Small warning, this text is a rant of boring jibber. Yee be warned.

In recent time, I have come to making customized pet ornament. I am no sculpting guru or Picaso, but I have been improving over the past few sculpts. Knowing with the holidays already approaching, I would need a nice little gift to top off the year for my friends, give them something to remember and look back on. So in simple thoughts, I decided to make each of my three best friends at custom ornament of their dog. While this task at first seemed simply enough and in the least, fun, it quickly became a fiasco to the finish line. (I am currently still not finished.) Expecting each to require a day to sculpt, a day to dry, and a day to paint, I waited till Monday to begin the process. Well, after forty-five minutes of sculpting a piece, and an unexpected two day drying period, I could see the bows and ribbons, preparing soon enough to wrap the little pups and hand them to their respective owners. This quickly changed on the understanding of a required sanding down (with new softer clay, keeping all finger prints off the smooth surface became a challenge) along with an experimental paint job requiring over two hours of constant work and frustration. I only have tonight to complete the last dog (still a bare clay white) along with a clear coat (Oh I hope it dries quickly) along with finding some good looking boxes to complete. This truly has me stressed and unable to wait to get home and finish the task!

I hope after this to start an Etsy site and show these ornaments as samples. Exciting indeed.


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